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Welcome to The Animal Pals [Mar. 18th, 2008|04:44 pm]
The Animal Pals
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Welcome to THE ANIMAL PALS community.

A place where animal/pet lovers can unite and make new friends.

When posting to the community please remember this rule... if you have pictures please place them under an LJ-Cut! Otherwise you are free to post as much as often as you like. No ads for stuff not animal related please.

A little survey to help you make your first post...

Name: (first and/or LJ Name)
Age and Date of Birth:
Where are you from?:
Animals You love:
Tell us a little about you:

We can't wait to meet all you wonderful animal/pet lovers!!!!

[User Picture]From: barrelqueen
2009-04-05 08:27 pm (UTC)


Name: Chelsea Shy
Age and Date of Birth: 15
Where are you from?: Interlachen, FL
Pets: horses dogs and cats.
Animals You love:Every single one
Tell us a little about you: I just moved to Intherlachen from Missouri and when i lived there i did barrel racing! i love animals. always have and always will! I just got livejournal so i'm not completely sure how to use it yet but i will lear!
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